Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Imagine if you needed semen 3x daily to survive! Mid Week Tease #BDSM #scifi #erotic #romance

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This is a teaser from MASTER OF HER WORLD which has just been made available on KINDLE UNLIMITED.

Back Cover Information

With her own world facing catastrophic environmental collapse, Briella's only option is to seek refuge on the planet Roun, but the cost of her choice will be her freedom. Upon reaching her new home, she is met by Gastion, the stern, handsome man to whom she now belongs, and he wastes no time in making his expectations clear. Briella will obey him in all things and make her beautiful body available to him in every way, or her bare bottom will pay the price.

Gastion quickly demonstrates that his warnings are not to be taken lightly, and when he discovers that Briella has smuggled prohibited contraband from her home planet she is punished thoroughly. But while he is more than ready to be strict with her, Gastion soon proves that a skillful master can bring his slave pleasure beyond anything she could have imagined, and Briella finds herself surrendering willingly even as he claims her in ever more shameful ways.

Their passion blossoms into romance, but there are strict rules governing interactions between masters and slaves, and it isn't long before Gastion and Briella's relationship attracts scrutiny from the governing authorities. Can their love survive the wrath of the planet's powerful king?

She was happy to obey. Apart from the fact she knew she needed semen, she also wanted to be close to Gast. His kisses made her clitoris tingle and her breasts heavy. A buildup to erotic pleasure, with his cock inside her, was very appealing.
She went into the sleeping area and he didn’t tell her otherwise as he stepped up to the bedside drawers.
He retrieved the pad. “Put this on,” he said, handing it to her.
“Yes, Sir.” It was already buzzing, and she spread her pussy lips and allowed it to clamp on, magnet-like.
She clenched her jaw and curled her toes. The vibrations were instantly intense.
Gast was removing his trousers, tugging them off his feet and allowing his erection to bob high and free. He could have been a god from one of the books she’d seen in the library, or the sculpture of the perfect Roun male that had been in a Zoid museum. His hair was lustrous and long, his body taut and wide, and his cock was more beautiful than she could have ever imagined on all of those long nights wondering what a Roun cock would be like.
“Turn around,” he said, stepping up to her.
She faced the bed and as she did so, he pressed her shoulders, tipping her forward so her ass was bared to him.
“Your breaths will soon be easy,” he said, slipping his fingers down the groove of her butt cheeks.
Once again he hovered over her anus, pressing very gently at the center.
Instinctively she tensed. Yes, she knew it would happen, that it would be soon. But was it to be now?
“Mmm, so sweet and inviting,” he murmured in the softest voice she’d ever heard him use. “So good for my cock.”
“Yes, Sir.” She screwed her eyes shut. At least if she had the vibrating pad on as he entered her there, in her most delicate place, she’d have something else to concentrate on.
But he didn’t enter her there. Instead he swept lower, through her once again damp pussy lips and prodded her entrance.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

She was fully committed to trying his kink! #SatSpanks #KU #romance #FSOG

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. This week a few from HER DOMINANT BILLIONAIRE, which is now available to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Kane Ward had been on her radar for a long time, and now things were happening between them, she didn’t want to mess it up. She admired him, fancied him, loved spending time with him. Which meant it was worth a go. She had to step into his world and be fully committed to trying on his kink and giving it a shot.
“Yes.” She clapped. “No more questions, just do it.” She glanced at a clock above the fireplace. It was nearly four. “No time like the present.”
She hurried into the bedroom and pulled out the pretty basque she’d bought earlier in the day. Quickly, she stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt and put it on. She removed her knickers then slipped into the stockings and her high heels.
She paused at the mirror on her way out of the room. “Bloody hell.” She looked sexy and flushed. The basque was beautiful, her pussy hair the same dark shade as the material.
She spotted the collar on the dressing table and reached for it. She secured it around her neck, knowing he liked her to wear it.
After a hastily applied slick of bright red lipstick, she walked into the main room.
From the hallway she heard a ping. The elevator had been called down to reception. He was here.
She rushed to the piano and stretched herself over it, ass in the air. The wooden surface was cool against her skin as she rested her cheek on it and stared out at the rooftops.
God, what was she doing?
What if it wasn’t him?
What if he had company?
She lifted up. Glanced over at the bedroom door. Should she dart back inside? No. Fuck it. This was her plan. She could do this.
She tipped forward again, parted her legs. When he walked from the hall area into the main room, he’d see her buttocks facing him and waiting to be reddened. He’d see her pussy peeking out, ready to be fucked.
She swallowed; her mouth was dry and her heart tripping along. As she breathed, the warm air from her lungs fogged the surface of the piano.
A distant swoosh signaled that the elevator had arrived.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

SCORED - Now on iBooks - PART ONE FREE

My bestselling (#1 Amazon Romance Chart) novel SCORED is now available on iBooks. It's been split into three parts, part one is FREE, so you can be introduced to sexy soccer star Lewis Tate and the feisty sports journalist he's set his sights on. Then grab the other two parts and continue their story. 

Alternatively, just go ahead and buy the entire thing on iBooks (also available on Amazon).

Monday, 12 March 2018


I'm delighted to announce, that coming soon from EVERNIGHT PUBLISHING is my short novel CHAINS OF COMMAND, a military, medical romance which I adored writing. Watch this space... or sign up to my newsletter to get a reminder when it's released. (You'll get a FREE ebook to read while you wait!)

Back Cover Information

Jenna Barlow wanted a quiet night before she headed out to a war zone, but a tall dark handsome stranger had other ideas.

And what a night, the phrase ‘swinging from the chandeliers’ comes to mind! So why the heck doesn’t he ask for her number the next morning? Did he not have fun? It had sure sounded, looked and felt like he had.

Her irritation can’t last long, though, she has duties to attend to on the battlefield, lives to help save, a team who are relying on her. So you can imagine Jenna’s surprise when the memories from a night of passion burst into her life, and she has no choice but to obey the chains of commend and respect rank, no matter how hard that is to do.

Friday, 9 March 2018